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Case Study

Finbee: Ensured SEO Leadership in Finance

The finance industry represents one of the most competitive sectors in the digital marketing realm, especially when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). Achieving visibility in search engine results for finance-related keywords is a significant accomplishment, reflecting a sophisticated and highly effective SEO strategy.

Secured Top Rankings: Finbee now ranks in the top 1-2 positions on Google for every targeted keyword, including highly competitive terms like ‘business loans’ ‘loans, and ‘loans online'.
Leadership in Market Visibility: Beyond ranking success, Finbee has become a leading voice in the industry.
Case Study

Nostra: Increased Revenue By 135%

We managed to increase revenue by 135% during the 2023 pre-Christmas season compared to the same period in previous years, following a 57% increase in the budget.

Case Study

MyBee: Driving SEO Success for Long-Term Car Rentals

MyBee LT aimed to position its new website within the top three search results for "long-term car rental," boosting site traffic and generating leads. With a decent budget, the focus was on content creation, on-site SEO, link-building, and technical enhancements. The campaign utilized AI for dynamic content creation, producing landing pages and articles that ranked well for key terms.

Top 1 Within The First Month: MyBee LT secured the top 1 position for 'long-term car rental', significantly increasing organic traffic and lead volume.
High-quality Backlinks and Technical SEO enhancements ensured sustained top rankings, showcasing the campaign's effectiveness.
Case Study

LinenTales: 120% increased revenue

We managed to increase revenue by 120% during Black Friday 2023 compared to the same period in previous years, while maintaining the same target ROAS (Return on Ad Spend).

Case Study

Sand Offices: Boosting Online Visibility Through Strategic SEO

Sand Offices, a new business center in Vilnius that is being built, partnered with our agency to enhance its online visibility through a strategic SEO campaign. With a modest budget for over three months the strategy included high-quality content production, on-page and technical SEO optimizations, and strategic off-page SEO to build domain authority. Despite the limited budget, the campaign achieved significant results.

Fast Results: the website secured Page 1 rankings for 2 keywords, Page 2 rankings for 9 keywords.
Online Visibility: Daily impressions increased from a few to approximately 110, with projections to reach at least 200 impressions per day.
Case Study

South Group: Effectiveness of a Well-executed SEO Strategy

South Group partnered with our agency to elevate their online presence in the catalytic converter and e-waste recycling industry. With a decent budget for over six months, we implemented a comprehensive SEO strategy focusing on high-volume keywords, content creation, and both on-site and off-site SEO optimizations. The campaign targeted businesses and eco-conscious individuals in South Africa, emphasizing sustainability and industry expertise.

Keyword Rankings: Position 1 in high intent targeted keywords 'catalytic converter buyers near me', 'catalytic converter recycling', 'Electronic recycling' and improved rankings for several other relevant keywords.
Google Business Profile Metrics: Significant increase in website clicks and calls across major cities.
Cape Town: Website clicks increased from 70 to 127
Pretoria: Directions increased from 43 to 127

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