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SEO Campaign for Mybee LT

SEO campaign for Mybee LT successfully achieved and surpassed its objectives through innovative use of AI, strategic content creation, and comprehensive SEO practices.
Povilas Peseckas
June 16, 2024

Campaign Goals & Budget


  • Position the brand new Mybee LT website within the top 3 search results for key terms related to long-term car rental.
  • Increase site traffic and generate more leads.
  • Achieve a top 1 ranking for the main keyword "long-term car rental."
  • Significantly boost organic traffic and enhance lead generation through targeted content and SEO practices.


  • The campaign had a specific annual budget allocated across content creation, on-site SEO optimization, link-building, and technical enhancements.
  • The budget was meticulously planned to cover all aspects of the campaign, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement.

Target Audience & Overall Strategy

Target Audience:

  • B2B companies and individuals interested in long-term car rental services.
  • Demographic focus: individuals aged 35 and above with a stable income.

Overall Strategy:

  • Identify and optimize for high-volume relevant search terms that align with the interests and needs of the target demographic.
  • Create specific landing pages and SEO-driven content highlighting the benefits of long-term car rental over traditional leasing or purchasing.
  • Use AI for content creation and focus on building the website's authority through high-quality backlinks.
  • Eliminate empty traffic from short-term car rental searches by targeting relevant keywords and demographics.

Alignment with Brand Values:

  • The strategy aligned with Mybee LT's brand value of providing only long-term rental solutions.
  • The approach was designed to attract and engage the intended audience effectively, addressing their preferences and pain points.

Creativity & Innovation

Unique Aspects of the Campaign:

  • Innovative use of AI for creating landing pages and SEO articles tailored to the target audience's interests and search behaviors.
  • Dynamic content generation that was highly relevant and SEO-optimized to rank for key terms indirectly related to the brand's services, such as "leasing."
  • Strategic response to legal constraints by leveraging comparison articles to attract those searching for related services.

This approach showcased the brand's adaptability and commitment to providing value through informative content, making the campaign stand out in the market.

Execution / Implementation

Unified Brand Experience:

  • Consistency in visual elements and messaging to align with Mybee LT's brand identity and objectives.
  • Specific landing pages featured consistent branding and were designed to resonate with the target audience, emphasizing the advantages of long-term car rentals.
  • AI-generated content ensured optimization for search engines while maintaining a tone and style reflective of the brand's values.

Differentiation from Competitors:

  • Differentiated from competitors like Sixt+, AVIS, Hertz, and Mobire by offering a unique and engaging online experience.
  • Focused on a unified brand experience that reinforced Mybee LT's market positioning as a leading provider of long-term car rental solutions.

Results & Impact

Achieved Results:

  • Secured a top 1 position for the main keyword "long-term car rental" within the first month.
  • Significant increase in website visibility, leading to a substantial boost in organic traffic.
  • Higher volume of leads and long-term rental inquiries.
  • Enhanced website authority and search engine ranking through high-quality backlink acquisition and technical SEO optimizations.

Performance Metrics:

  • Achieved and maintained top keyword positions, demonstrating the effectiveness of the chosen strategies and tactics.
  • Significant increase in organic conversions and lead generation, reflecting the campaign's success in meeting its objectives.


  • Demonstrated robust return on investment through increased visibility and lead generation.
  • Ensured long-term sustainability of keyword positions and organic traffic growth.

Summary: The SEO campaign for Mybee LT successfully achieved and surpassed its objectives through innovative use of AI, strategic content creation, and comprehensive SEO practices. The campaign's consistency in brand experience, unique approach to addressing legal constraints, and effective use of budget resulted in a substantial increase in organic traffic and lead generation. This success highlighted Mybee LT's strong market positioning and commitment to providing valuable long-term car rental solutions.

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